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The World of Destiny
The aim is to bring back authentic Lineage II in a mid/high-rate environment where usually many features get lost such as; Seven Signs, The Dimensional Rift, Fishing, Side Quests, Marriages and more. Our goal is to bring you an L2Off fun experience that involves more than farming. A pure RPG-experience that you cannot miss.
Destiny will set in a 25X EXP PvP-Craft environment. The world will have no custom armory or weaponry. Crafting will be slightly modified so it is more in line with the concept of the server. Buffs will be available in town via the Buff Window. There will be no instant mana potions, instead, Destiny will feature an increased mana regeneration rate via potions.
No customs
Instant Mana
Open World
Daily quests
Farming & Open World
One of the true beauties of Lineage II is the vast world and areas you are able to explore. One of the beauties we are going to encapsulate in Destiny's gameplay via rotating hunting areas, questing and events

Rotating dungeons and open-air areas will be used to give you a variating experience without the cost of splitting the population.
Farming on Destiny will be different from what you've been used to. You will not be able to bot on Destiny because of our self-designed advanced anti-bot system. So expect to put in some work to get to the top. This brings a whole new dimension to competitive play as those who will be truly worthy will be at the top of the clan ranking ladder.

For those who have less time do not fear! There will be Exp & Adena boosts available throughout various ways in the game and events allowing you to farm as much as possible within the lesser time you have.
Solo & Smaller groups
Destiny features several solo and smaller group friendly systems. For one, you will be able to very simply get into a party by using Party Matching. The system will automatically put you in queue and finds the right party for you based on your class and the area you would like to go to.

Raiding will also be available to smaller clans and solo players as bigger competitive clans will aim for the bigger raids made available to them.

Destiny having an Open World will allow you to farm in the place you would like. You are able to choose to avoid players and farm in peace at the cost of lesser Exp and Drop rates. It is all up to you.
In a world where you cannot bot, competitive-play becomes much different than we know. It will bring out the true essence of teamwork.

It will bring us back to the foundation of real competitive-play where you invest in each other to eventually achieve the one goal you have together; To be victorious.

Also in competitive-play, we feel many features are not used well enough. We are bringing features and events to Destiny that allow you to fight against the biggest of rivals in the best of settings.
The experience you cannot miss
Fun content, interviews with players, live streams, out of game events and much more for you to enjoy it all.
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Destiny will be an experience that is more than just Lineage II. Join the community actively and you will be able to experience it all much more than you could have ever imagined.
Download and install nPlay® and prepare yourself for the launch before everyone else.